January 6, 2015

Review on Biggest Fashion Sale on Myntra

Biggest Fashion Sale on Myntra

Hello guys, as you all know that on 3rd & 4th of Jan. 2015 there was India's Biggest Fashion Sale on Myntra.

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If you don't know about it, you can read it here.

Many of you might have shopped from Myntra on 3rd as well 4th of Jan. Even I shopped a lot of things like flip flops, T-shirts, caps, and many more. Frankly, speaking I had a great experience shopping on that day. But for once I was abide to shop for the next 30 mins. Due to which I was not able to buy a T-shirt that I wanted to. It was sold when i returned to my cart back after 30 mins. Shit happens! Actually I shopped on 3rd only as I was out of money to shop on the next day also. Well I am college student, so you know we don't enough money to spend on shopping. Keeping that apart and coming back to the user experience on Myntra. Let's talk further -

Here I am sharing my review on India's Biggest Fashion Sale on Myntra,

What was Good?

*. The products were seriously at their 'Best Price' ever seen.
*. If your order was confirmed, the shipping was done with the same speed as we usually see on the ordinary orders.
*. All the offers were categorized according to the Discount Value as well as their respective category.

What was Bad?

*. The site was unable to handle a lot of traffic at a single time. As many of the shoppers were restricted to shop for the next 30 minutes.
*. As heard from many shoppers, the confirmation of their orders were made a lot later after them finalizing the order.
*. The stock was getting sold were quickly. But actually that was obvious.

What to do to be more better?

*. As the stock was getting sold, they should keep the products in more quantity. As it was called 'India's Biggest Fashion Sale'.
*. Their server should be capable of handling more traffic than usual. As they were knowing that more and more users will be shopping on that two days.

Well, this review was according to me and many of my friends that did shop from Myntra on India's Biggest Fashion Sale on 3rd & 4th Jan. 2015. You might have some similar or dissimilar experience than me. But that actually is going to happen, as we both don't have a similar mindset.
That's it!

Did you shop from Myntra?
Share your experience with other shopper's in the comments below.

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