January 2, 2015

Review - Apple iPhone 6 by a College Student

Apple iPhone 6 – Review

Apple added two more iPhones to its iPhone series with more advanced features than ever before. One of them is the Apple iPhone 6 and other is Apple iPhone 6 Plus. But in this post I’ll just talk about iPhone 6.


The new iPhone 6 has an attractive look with a uniform clean design on its smooth aluminium body. It comes with iOS 8 which is more comprehensive. This iPhone is available with a storage capacity of 16/64/128GB. The Power button in iPhone 6 is on the right-hand side. This time the notification bar is cleaner from widgets than in the previous iPhones. It’s excellent for playing games. It comes with punchy looking colors. The iSight camera has focus pixels with dual LED flash. It’s easy to hold as its just 6.9 mm thick.


*. 4.7” IPS LCD Retina HD Display
*. 1334x750 pixels resolution
*. 326ppi pixel density
*. 29mm F/2.2 Aperture lens with 8 Megapixel iSight cameras.
*. Apple A8 Chip
*. M8 Motion Co-Processor (64-bit architecture)
*. 1.4 GHz Dual Core CPU
*. 1 GB RAM
*. Speaker: 74.5 dB

The features of the new phone, iPhone 6, are good and more advanced than before. And some of them are listed below,


*. The keyboard comes with Text Prediction as we have in Android Phones.
*. It comes with Touch ID Sensor with NFC technology.
*. The camera modes can be changed by just swiping it up/down.
*. For low light pictures – has low noise disturbance.
*. You can record video with 1080p HD resolution at 60fps, slow-motion at 240fps.
*. It deducts the backend noise.


*. Its attractive look.
*. It is simple and easy to use. No matter it is similar to Android.


*. Battery which lasts for 5hrs only. It is not comparable to Samsung S5 or Xperia Z2.
*. The pertaining Retina display.

The announced price of the phone is $200 with a 2-year contract. And in India, it is available at a rate of approx. Rs.52299.

Overall the phone is good with more advanced features but most of the features are almost or totally similar to the Android. Because of which it is not gaining that much reputation it should gain.

Share what you feel about the new Apple iPhone 6 in the comments below.

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