February 6, 2014

Transcend CD/DVD External Writer (Black) Review

Transcend CD/DVD External Writer (Black)

I ordered it from flipkart in the evening around 7pm and within 36 hours, it was in my hand. I received it in the morning by 10am and tried it with some of the DVD of 8.4gb storage. And they were running very smoothly.

First, I was facing problem while using the same DvDs of 8.4gb storage in accessing the files in it. But now, in no course of time, i am able to access the files and even the transfer rate is very fast. I even tried to write a (4.7gb) DVD and it took around 20mins to write, not more but less than 20mins.

I would recommend this product to give it a try. It's really a great product for users having old CD/DVD Writer.


* Transcend CD/DVD External Writer at a very low cost.
* Reads DvD very fast.
* No External Power Supply Required.


* Very Delicate.
* Occupies 2 USB ports.
* Require 2 USB port for better performance.

An awesome product at a very affordable cost from flipkart.

Overall Rating : 8.5/10

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